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About the Author

Katta Kis’ first job was playing a vampire baby in a ​student film, sealing her fate as a goth child for life. ​After a variety pack of jobs and apartments, she is ​currently settled in Northern California. She ​cohabitates with her two adorable demon babies ​masquerading as cats and her high school romance ​which never ended. When not writing, she can ​usually be found reading or at a concert.

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Love in the Liner Notes

Two ex-boy band heartthrobs.

A witchy sex educator.

The love triangle no one expected.

Cazzi has been in love with her childhood best friend Patrick since, well, forever. He’s the only one who gets her paganism, her passion for sex education, and knows what happened on the worst night of her life. But when she kissed him, it ruined their friendship. Now Patrick is back in her life—until his old bandmate throws a wrench in their relationship.

Rohan is an ex-boy band heartthrob on his last bid for a comeback career. But this is jeopardized when Cazzi inspires him to leave his tempestuous girlfriend, causing a rift between Cazzi and Patrick in the process.

Between the emotional fallout and work drama, Cazzi is duct-taping her mental health together with ritual, marijuana, and the brownies Rohan bakes for her. As Cazzi and Rohan grow unexpectedly close can their relationship survive when the machinations of his ex threaten to expose her biggest secret?

Book 1 of the Pagans & Pop Stars series is out now!


Love at the Rock Show

A burnt-out former pop star

A sweet, broke psychic… who hates him

The festival tour that changes everything

Broke pansexual psychic Judit is scraping by. She’s got chronic pain and survives (barely) on Tarot reading gigs. When her rent skyrockets, she jumps at the chance to work a merch booth on a festival tour. It’s the perfect escape until Judit spends a lovely evening with her friend’s ex-flame (it’s complicated)—and he ends up touring with the festival.

Ex-boy band idol Patrick didn’t want to play the Endfest tour with the guy who stole the love of his life. He was about to quit the label they started together when a last-minute emergency forces him to join the tour. Worse, the mystery woman who turned his anxiety attack into a magical night is there too—and she knew exactly who he was all along.

Judit and Patrick are forced to share a bus while navigating the drama of a mismanaged festival, other people’s exes, and drunk drag queens. The more time they spend in adjoining bunks, the less they find to hate about each other. But can this summer fling last, or will what happens on tour stay on tour?

Find out August 30th!